Welcome to my small corner of the internet: I’ve just moved in so it’s still a work-in-progress, but hopefully you’ll find what you’ve come looking for.

Simply put, I’m a fiction writer. That means I hatch stories. Some of these end up on paper. A handful end up nurtured into completed manuscripts. And a few of those will, eventually, end up (just about) ready to leave the nest for their first flight into the public domain.

One of these stories, The Divinity Laws, I have just published on Amazon (http://bit.ly/TheDivinityLaws1) as an e-book and a print book – where it will have to fend for itself, fight for its territory and fly or fail as the reader pleases.

Another, smaller creature of mine (short story Siren) has managed to get itself published in the Hammond House 2017 International Literary Prize anthology: ‘Eternal’ – http://bit.ly/HammondHouse

Any questions – let me know.

Thanks for visiting.

PJ King