The Divinity Laws Review #5

So, I turned bright red and passed out for a full minute when I read this…

*in a tremulous whisper*: ‘Atwood-esque…’

TDL Review 5 (2)

Thank you sooo much Daniel H! This is beautifully written – you should be a professional book reviewer – or writer!


My head is in danger of exploding… The Divinity Laws#1 – 2nd Review

How to make a writer’s day/week/year/life…

Number 1: Buy their book

Number 2: Start reading the bought book

Number 3: Finish reading the book

Number 4: Post a review of the read book

Number 5: Give the book 5 stars!

Thank you, Penny L for the lovely review+ – this means a lot.

TDL Review 2