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Wow! My plan to make addicts out of TDL readers is working! Honoured to receive another 5 star review for The Divinity Laws #1!

Thank you!

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If you want to have a read for yourself, check it out here:

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Goodreads Book Review #1: ‘you could imagine it almost like a film…’

Thank you to Liberty for this very generous, 5 star review of The Divinity Laws on Goodreads! (

The Divinty Laws Kindle‘I’m not usually into dystopia books and thought that this book might not be my cup of tea. HOWEVER I loved it! There is a huge amount of detailed description given to the characters and setting that you could imagine it almost like a film. The story line was easy to follow and hooked me in as I was determined to find out what was going to happen to Clara and who I could really trust in the story.
For a modern day writer to write in such depth is very rare (in my opinion) and I could easily compare the detailed style to J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I highly recommend this book to all ages! It seems like it would suit a teen however being in my 30’s did not deter me.
I loved this book and really want to know what happens next. I shall be waiting at the front of the queue to read the second!’  – Liberty

Now where did I put that screenwriting book…?

Book Review: Crossing the Generation Gap!

Ego pin at the ready…

The Divinty Laws Kindle… though it is pretty special when you discover your novel is a hit with adults as well as young adults.

Received this message today:

‘Intelligently written, refreshingly unambiguous, I feel I’ve stumbled on a future classic! I’m hard pressed not to reveal any of the storyline as it would be like giving away a part of me. All I can say is when can I get my hands on book 2 and 3! And does it have to end there?
Congratulations PJ King! – From an OAP not a YA’

So if you’re an angsty teenager or an angsty adult, and you’re looking for your next read, give this a go (or not  *shrugs*… whatever…):


My head is in danger of exploding… The Divinity Laws#1 – 2nd Review

How to make a writer’s day/week/year/life…

Number 1: Buy their book

Number 2: Start reading the bought book

Number 3: Finish reading the book

Number 4: Post a review of the read book

Number 5: Give the book 5 stars!

Thank you, Penny L for the lovely review+ – this means a lot.

TDL Review 2