The Divinity Laws (The Divinity Laws #1)

The Divinty Laws KindleThe Divinity Laws #1

Clara has broken the Divinity Laws and got away with it. So far. But she knows her time will come: deviants are always caught in the end.

After centuries of turmoil, war and mass slaughter, the Divinity Laws now maintain peace and stability in most countries across the world; anyone who breaks them is a threat to the social order. And that means Clara. Deviants, who are caught and convicted by the Divinity Division, face losing everything: their freedom, family and future. But worse than that, they face a brutal rehabilitation program that aims to break them completely.

The Divinity Division is responsible for hunting and prosecuting those who break the Divinity Laws and it is quick to send Agent Hants to flush out the unidentified deviant that it knows has escaped its most recent investigation.

Little does Clara know that she will have to face her day of reckoning sooner than she hoped – and make a life-defining decision: run and hide, or embrace what she really is and face the consequences.

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Reader Reviews:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this impressive debut novel from PJ King. She has promised us two more and I will be first in the queue to place my order’ – M.M.

‘Intelligently written, refreshingly unambiguous, I feel I’ve stumbled on a future classic! I’m hard pressed not to reveal any of the storyline as it would be like giving away a part of me. All I can say is when  can I get my hands on book 2 and 3! And does it have to end there ?
Congratulations PJ King! – From an OAP not a YA’